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Nothing taken from the Earth gains in value so much for doing so little to it as a gemstone.


Rough Prehnite - SunJade®
Also known as 'GRAPESTONE'

SunJade® is the registered tradename for the gem variety of prehnite which outcrops in many areas of the Antrim Plateau Volcanics. The name SunJade® was coined by Gerald Pauley after a member of the prospecting team, during the 1980's, upon breaking open a basalt nodule containing yellow prehnite exclaimed "Oh, it looks just like bottled sunlight."

The prehnite mine, at Wave Hill Northern Territory, Australia, produces the world's best gem grade prehnite and is the only known source of yellow prehnite in the world.

Prehnite is becoming very popular in China and in the western world and in recent years the value of cut gems has increased making prehnite a collector's gem.

In 2010 we attended the Shenzhen Jewellery Show and sold all the high quality cabochons which led to a growing demand for the cut stones in China. The demand for rough prehnite also increased as opportunistic gem factories in China and other parts of Asia, compete for the best quality gem grade rough.

Please contact us for latest prices on rough prehnite.

Due to the nature of prehnite, we do not sell samples or individual pieces. You need to make an appointment to inspect the material we have available.



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