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 Gemstones Of Australia
Nothing taken from the Earth gains in value so much for doing so little to it as a gemstone.


Australia is rich in gemstone and mineral resources but one resource, ornamental gemstones, has never been exploited to it's best potential due to a lack of investors to fund a mining operation and purchase the right equipment. Lack of foresight, on the part of Australian investors, has prevented an industry from growing.

Most of these gem resources are in difficult to reach, faraway places, but, with a fully funded operation it is possible to turn the 'sleeping giant' into a multi-million dollar a year industry and create employment for hundreds of people.

During the 1980's we prospected Australia for reserves of ornamental gemstones and took up mining tenements to try to raise funds to establish such an industry. Our prospecting commenced in 1979 and carried on through he 1980's during which time we identified more than 50 possible reserves of ornamental gems and mineral specimen material.

At the end of the 80's we wrote a proposal for funding the venture but, due to the economic climate at the time, we were unable to raise the funds to launch the venture.

Below, are some of the gemstones which may be mined throughout Australia and over the coming days we will endeavour to update the information with details of possible reserves, mining costs and uses for the raw materials.

Agate, Amethyst, Prehnite (our tradname is SunJade®), Petrified Wood, Jasper, calc-silicates, Jade, Black Jade, Rhodonite

A special mention is made of a rare precious gem, prehnite, which is found in abundance on the reserves in Northern Territory. We own possibly the largest reserve of gem grade prehnite in the world.

Gem quality prehnite is a truly magnificent stone which faceted or carved as there is no other gem in the world which exhibits the beautiful shades of green and gold colours. Valuations on faceted stones, not to the standard which we have presented to the world, have been advertised at over $US100.00 per carat and one gem which was shown o the Gemological Institute was valued at $US200.00 per carat.